Saturday, December 5, 2009

Discovering Self

"I write not to be understood, but to understand." C. Day Lewis (father Daniel Day Lewis)

I have found writing to be quite therapeutic, a way to peel back the layers and see what is underneath. I began writing to organize some of the thoughts rambling around in my head, but I never consciously envisioned that I would discover my core self in what came out in my written word. I even recently began playing with some fictional characters just for fun and before I knew it the story began to turn semi-autobiographical. Although the story is totally fictional, I have found I was writing in characteristics of my past, present and even future self. The future characteristics have become motivation to propel me toward some of my goals, which is still, and always will be, a work in progress. I am sure many of you bloggers have found this to be true as well, but I highly recommend to anyone that writing can be used as a way to explore themselves and life in general.

BTW I don't know if anyone is still out there, I've been away for a while. I wasn't actually away as I've been keeping up with your blogs and have even written a few post but never seemed to feel like hitting that publish button. I've been on quite a knowledge quest the last few months, getting my green building certification, studying permaculture and sustainable living, wetlands workshops, planting rain gardens for which I plan to get certified for in January, just took a fascinating beekeeping course and am presently studying soil microbiology. Hmm what have I forgotten, oh I got semi-hooked on Facebook which I swore I'd never do. Hope everyone is having a great weekend, the weather is a bit damp here in the South (by that I mean I'm living in the middle of a swamp that used to be my yard).


  1. I am still here :)
    Bee Keeping has always fascinated me. Maybe one day I will have a few hives of my own. I love honey.
    I joined facebook, too as a way to shut up family members. Not exactly addicted but I check in every now and again.
    Writing, writing, writing. . . I always come back to the written word and it satisfies my thirst every time.

  2. Being away from blogging, writing but not publishing posts...that's not a "bad" thing - you have been occupied with other pursuits that have taken your attention...I see that as a "good" thing.

    Writing (love the quote by the way) and fictionalizing but becoming semi autobiographical as you progress...that seems like a natural progression to me.

    I've been doing a lot of journal work..taking a fabulous on-line course with Stephanie Lee of Semiprecious Salvage (the blog) and loving it -- taking me right back to a time in my life when journalling was everything to me.

  3. welcome back - what an amazing shot you have there to go with this write. a great illustration of shedding some skin to make way for the new. congratulations on your courses - they sound so interesting

  4. I am here! Glad to hear from you! Excited to learn a little bit about your creative writing. I hope you continue with it, and maybe share parts one day!

  5. Friends stick around even when it's quiet. I haven't been as active on my blog lately either. A bit of a dry spell and I've also been doing a lot of learning.

    I would love to keep bees! Let us know how that works out.

  6. of course we are still out here...just waiting until you made your return! glad you posted...really glad!