Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grow Your Roots Deep

An analogy of mindfulness and awareness as well as the importance they play in life can be seen by examining a tree. Awareness; knowledge and consciousness of what it takes to function at optimum levels through nutrition, fitness (activity & rest) and our relationship with the world around us is represented by the trunk, the main support of the tree where strength and solidness are needed to hold the tree upright. Mindfulness; being present in the moment with purpose and focus is represented by the roots from which the tree is nourished, as well as holding the tree in place and grounding it from external forces. The deeper we grow our roots the harder it is to uproot the tree, the stronger the trunk the bigger the tree can grow and expand for the fullest possible life. The branches, limbs, and leaves represent the many facets of our life. For many of us this is where we put most of our resources, in the top of the tree, while paying little or no attention to the roots and trunk, then wonder why we are prone to disease and topple over at the least external disturbance.

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