Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kids Awareness Program

Kids Awareness Program was created to develop or support a program to educate children, and by extension families, about mindful awareness. We strive to promote the implementation of a program in school systems and/or through community groups. Mindful awareness is a foundation for optimum living. It teaches, among other things, that life is a series of moments and how to be present for each one. Through mindfulness education, an individual learns to understand their emotions and thoughts, to be able to self regulate in any situation, to observe and respond rather than judge and react. As a result they are able to find the calm from within in the midst of any storm. By teaching this to children, we provide them with the tools to be more focused, to achieve a higher level of concentration, learning and retention. They will also gain a better understanding, respect and appreciation for themselves, others and the world around them. They will have the ability within themselves to live happier and less stressed lives.

The post to follow will illustrate different aspects to be taught in lessons and activities. These lessons will center on using all our senses to bring awareness to daily activities. The program will teach breathing and simple meditations to clear and refresh the mind and relax the body. Mindfulness will be taught as it pertains to eating and movement and a basic understanding of what the body needs through nutrition, exercise and rest. There will be activities to promote appreciation and respect by teaching that we are all interdependent and connected to one another and to the environment, that the health and welfare of one affects the whole.

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