Monday, August 24, 2009

Life's a Beach

It can be quite odd when your office is at the beach, on an island actually. I have a schedule and wear clothes, many times feeling a bit overdressed, while everyone around me is on "island time" and walking about in basically their underwear. I'm sure these people wouldn't be caught dead walking onto their porch at home in their actual underwear yet here they walk or bike around town in even less. Since we are becoming more populated by year rounders I do see more people in the stores actually dressed now but there are still those walking around in nothing more than butt skimming sheer cover ups and I have in the past walked by girls in bikini's in the grocery aisle. The oddest thing is that no one finds this odd and most don't give it a second thought. What would it be like where you live to pass someone walking around in their underwear pushing a shopping cart while going about their daily chores? On the plus side our business attire is shorts and sandals or loafers. It is strange here to see someone in a tie and do they still make hose, not sure if they even sell those torture devises around here. If you are spotted wearing anything like that you are immediately outed as a salesperson in town for the day. On occassion we feel a need or desire to dress up so we may break out the khaki's.


  1. Well, I think bikinis would result in a few raised eyebrows at my local grocery store (my husband would be wanting to do the shopping that day), and probably wouldn't go over that well, however on the plus side, one can wear the most disreputable looking barn clothes and manure-caked boots and no-one would blink an eye. So pluses and minuses there :)

  2. This is the view from your office window Maria?? I know it isn't right to envy others...but in this case...I'm envious!!! ;)

    What an odd juxtaposition -- those who work and live and dress for the same alongside beach folks who under-dress because it is "beach". And I'm laughing that when you feel the need to dress up you might break out the khakis!!!

    If anyone did what you suggest here they would be asked to leave the store most likely!! And given that Lake Ontario is a few blocks from here, I have yet to see anyone do that. You'd just feel so under dressed.

    I have this "thing" in my head -- at the beach it's fine to dress for swimming. Once you leave the beach? Clothes are the only option.

    Perhaps I'm a dinosaur??

  3. Your attire is my kind of idea! I love sandals and where them all the time, but sheer cover ups? No, they belong on the beach and not in town.

  4. ohhhhhhh, what heaven to be that close to a beach all the time

  5. Oh, the thought of seeing someone walk around in a bikini in these parts makes me chuckle! People would most definately stare! Sounds blissful though, the relaxed atmosphere. Just yesterday I dressed up for a job interview and after spending the past several months growing things in the garden and working in the yard, it just didn't make sense, to put on a blouse that wrinkled.
    enjoy your day Maria!