Monday, December 15, 2008

Soul Life

Have you ever wished to have someone else's life? They seem to be so together and content and if you just had that career or spouse or lived in that neighborhood ... then life would be perfect. I believe it was Pat Parelli, a well known natural horseman, who said, " when choosing a horse, don't base your decision on the desire to have a certain breed or color, but choose a horse that is your soul mate". If you haven't had direct experience with horses, you probably have seen the chaos and stress that arises when an inactive person chooses an active dog because it's the "in" breed at that time. When making life choices, look inside, get to know you and find your perfect fit or "soul life". True contentment lies in finding the life that is meant for you, not trying to live someone else's.

Above are my horses at their first face to face meeting, sizing up how they fit. While I love them dearly, I have to say that I found my equine soul mate in my Mediterranean Donkey, Agapios (Gapi). It goes to show how important it is to stay open & present, because what you are looking for may come in unexpected packaging.


  1. It's very interesting, I took a similar photograph and wrote about a related topic in my post "Landsmen Apart" back in December. The horses made me think of soulmates too.

  2. You are right, perhaps they don't jump because of the barriers in their mind. These are healthy barriers, that protect and maintain order. When we do away with the barriers we can lose our way.