Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day and New Beginnings

Happy Earth Day everyone. I wanted to write a real thought provoking post today, but it ain't happening. I will take this time to briefly mention another one of the projects that I am involved with. The local home builders and realtors associations have joined together to start a green alliance. I am the chairperson representing the builders (that's what happens when you say you'll do anything). It's a little tough starting something from scratch and with people that are just getting to know one another. I did set up a new blog site for the alliance today and another member has set up a website. They both sit empty at the moment, but hopefully will soon be filled with our many activities and inspiring thoughts. You can see the beginning of the blog at Coastal Green Alliance and you get to see my green bag again. I'm just full of creativity today :).


  1. Happy Earth Day Maria! Excited about your new committee and blog! I definitely support any efforts towards Green!

  2. Happy Earth Day - it's so cool that you're involved in these projects. Today I thrifted to find old bottles to reuse and I bought flowers to plant. A good Earth Day.

  3. Well, I just love the bag-- very nice design. You are going to be one busy women in the near future with this new "green" venture. Good luck!!

  4. Wonderful project Maria -- in all of the things we take for granted, I think it's a testiment to our generation that we are taking the steps necessary to make change. We have to make the effort and sometimes saying "I'll do it" might mean a lot of work but ultimately there is a sense of peace in knowing you've done "the right thing".