Saturday, April 11, 2009


I thought resurrection was a fitting topic for today, though it is not a religious resurrection I have chosen to write of, but a botanical one. The plant pictured above is the resurrection fern and it grows on some of the Live Oaks on our property. This fern grows on living trees, but does not rob it's host of nutrients. It is a member of the air plant family and derives it's food from the air or moisture that forms on the surface of the tree. This plant is unique in the aspect that it can survive even when depleted of 97 % of moisture. It will shrivel up and turn brown as if dead and when water is added will unfurl and return to a green state. You can learn more information in this article by a university horticulturist, including the plants prospects to be used in space.
A third resurrection this article could have represented was the resurrection of my blog :). I have a few projects going on, as I have stated before, and just do not seem to have the focus to write. Although my comments are less often or brief, I still enjoy keeping up with your blogs. I am finding I like this more than writing my own. You inspire me and brighten my day with your writing and photography, so today I would like to take this opportunity to wish many blessings for you all.


  1. What an interesting and pretty fern. Very lush when full of moisture. I would like to have a few of those on some of my trees for sure.

    I tend to be an intermittent blogger. I always think, "this sounds so stupid, who cares" but then I post it anyway and go about my business. I enjoy your blog no matter how often you publish a post to rock on!

    Have a great day! Peace~Dawn

  2. Good morning,
    I sometimes "go dormant" too when I do not get what I want or need, though that habit / reaction was stronger in younger years. Am learning each day to balance the outside and inside worlds, standing at the doorway between the two.

    Thanks again for sharing your two worlds.

  3. Such a beautiful fern...but I don' think I've seen one out in my neck of the woods.
    Glad you have found the time to blog once again. :)

  4. Happy Easter Maria! We have missed you, but take all the time you need:)

  5. Thank you. I too gather inspiration and enjoy reading the thoughts and writings that I find on the blogs that I frequent. There are a lot of interesting people in this world.
    We have those ferns growing on some of our trees as well. I have photographed them many times, but did not know they were called resurrection fern.
    I think you are one of those inspirational people. :)

  6. That is a really beautiful fern and I love the contrast of the green leaves against the rough, grey bark of the tree. If I had a tree, I would get me some of that. :o)

    I've been on again off again with my writing lately too. Lots on my plate, but also feeling a bit flat for inspiration. Sometimes it can feel like a full time job, maintaining my own site and keeping up with others.

    I'm glad to have you visit me and stay for a chat.


  7. You know, I've been wondering why humans could not be of the same survival mode as these ferns are?
    I keep running out of ideas of what to cook, and why waste my time and energy doing so, when I could be outdoors enjoying it's bounty more??