Monday, November 17, 2008

Take a Chill Pill

I could become high strung quite easily when I was younger, not to say I can't get that way still, and my brother would always tell me, "take a chill pill". Well I now have a recipe for a chill pill and here it is. The first and primary ingredient is to breathe. Place all your focus on your breath, breathe in slowly through your nose, let your stomach expand as your diaphragm drops then breathe out slowly through you mouth, completely exhaling, pulling your navel toward your spine and repeat. The second ingredient is my favorite visualization for grounding, the tree meditation. As you are breathing, visualize your feet growing roots like a tree, going deeper and deeper into the ground, your legs become like the trunk of an old oak tree, large, heavy and solid. As you are breathing in, you are breathing in light, freshness, life, like the leaves of the tree basking in the sun and fresh air, and as you breathe out you release all toxins, stress and worry. As you come back to earth you can feel your heartbeat get slower and steady and your vision of the situation becomes clearer. Now, look again at whatever had you so wound up, if there was a problem take care of it, one item at a time, or you may see there is no issue there after all.

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