Sunday, November 30, 2008

We Are All Students, We Are All Teachers

Knowledge is available on an ongoing basis, the only requirement is to be open and receptive. While it is obvious that we are taught by our parents, classroom teachers and supervisors, learning goes beyond these places. There are lessons for growth and knowledge all around us; from everyone we meet, in nature, by observing animals and in the act of living itself. One lesson that nature teaches time and again is resilience and adaptability. The trees during tropical storms that bend and give to the force of the wind and as the storm passes return to their natural position, reaching for the sun. The pine tree growing out of a fence post and each time I pass by it says, "see, anything is possible". There is much to be obtained by observing animals. Besides the many lessons on living they teach, they are also wonderful mirrors of the energy we project. We are not only students in life, we are also teachers. Just as we have learned from others they are learning from us, from our every action or inaction. What are you teaching today?

There is no better teacher than a child, from the joy of simple things to bringing awareness to our need for unconditional love. By teaching a child mindfulness they will maintain that wide eyed wonder of the world and grow to be a part of it, rather than building walls around themselves.

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