Monday, March 9, 2009

Warning, Pretty Day Post Ahead

I almost feel guilty doing this, but we had another gorgeous day today. You can get me back this summer when I'm sweltering, but for now, after record lows and snow last week, I'm just soaking it all up. It was so nice I went over to the beach access for my lunch break and decided to eat under this great Live Oak. I had complete solitude here as the beach was filling with sun seekers. After I ate I just had to climb up on a limb. Well maybe climb is an exaggeration, more like hop up. Oh look, happy toes again.

After this I did wander to the beach to see what was happening. Lots of people out as expected, enjoying the weather before it cools again this weekend.

There were even a few nuts venturing into the surf. Now the air may be warm, but that water is still only about 50 degrees. Wishing you all warm weather soon if you are not already there.


  1. days like this. Want to go get a pedicure with me??? :)

  2. I love a good day - I had one too! gorgeous

  3. Sure wish I was there! Enjoy and Thanks for the photos! I can use a little beach time today.

  4. ...seriously wagging finger...
    Shame on you!
    Do you know what I'd do for some warm sun, some leisure time...and at a beach even?????
    (and to bare my toes???)

  5. Just looking at that sand and the sun makes me pine for summer!! The sun is out here today but we're having gale force winds, temps are supposed to drop again and we'll have rain, low temps and typical March weather for awhile longer. But seeing your photos here gives me hope -- I know this won't last forever!! :)

  6. Hey Sweetie,
    Yes, I am getting Spring feverish. And then forecast, for next 7 days, here in central NC is highs in low 50s
    and back down into 30s overnight. Wet, cold, and windy this weekend. Yuck!
    Oh well, not too much more of this. Encourages patience and only increases our appreciate of the nice, barefoot friendly, days.

  7. Love your toes getting a little fresh air :)...ahhhhhhh...

  8. Cute feet! I am laughing because never in a million years would I post a photo of my gross soccer player feet on the world wide web. haha...

  9. Love your photos...I'm so glad you shared your nice day. Makes me feel like summer is on it's way! :)