Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wedding Bells

This is a picture I took this weekend in Wilmington, NC. I thought it was just a perfect spring scene. Downtown Wilmington will just take you away to days of sipping mint tea on a veranda or under a grove of Live Oaks dripping in Spanish Moss. It has cobblestone streets, southern historic mansions and churches, lots of churches. It is just so much grander than my little fishing village. The architecture of the churches alone will take your breath away, or it at least it does mine, with steeples that seem to reach into the heavens. Below is but one example and you can also see one of the homes to the right of the church.

I was there on business of sorts, looking at venues for my daughters wedding. The grooms family is from Ohio, so they want to have it in a larger city with an airport and more access to hotels etc. Since she is presently living in Texas, I will be busy traveling back and forth to set up details. They became engaged just a few weeks ago, but notified me this week they wanted the wedding to be this November, so I had to get busy. I will try to share some of the beauty and history of this town with you as I can, and as best I can. It is turning out to be a very busy 2009 for me, many things coming to fruition that have been in the works, which is a good thing, but did it all have to happen at once :) I will tell you of some of the other activities I am involved with in future post, if I don't become to overwhelmed :)


  1. Planning a wedding...for November...oh my you ARE going to be busy!!! How wonderful for your daughter and for you!!

    Was in Wilmington about 18 years ago -- lovely place and the photographs you shared are wonderful...looks like it will be a lovely spot for a wedding!!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter & you, by proxy. I'm sure the event will be a beautifully memorable day.

  3. congratulations - what a beautiful place to have a wedding.

  4. Wonderful news about your daughter Maria! I am excited to hear more about the wedding plans and all of your other endeavors, when you have a moment to breath, that is:)

  5. How fun Maria!! A wedding to plan and in such a beautiful historical place too!!
    Sounds like an exciting and busy year ahead. Can't wait 'til you fill us in on the other endeavors you've got happening!
    (Tulips??? in that first picture???) ...sigh...