Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ladies Night

We had another fun and insightful evening last night! This was a continuation of what we started in January with the addition of three more friends. Last nights dinner was at my friend Pam's house, a superb hostess and even better cook. The theme was Asian, the food was incredible and fun, the Saki ... not so sure about. We also started a fund to contribute toward needs within our community and discussed what needs we wanted to address. After dinner Rosie led us in a guided Qi Gong session. Our next dinner will be at Kelly's and my mouth is already watering. She is a native of New Mexico and makes delicious Mexican dishes and the best Margaritas. Kelly will be inviting a speaker and we plan to settle on a mission statement to pull all our thoughts together into a structured plan. We are all excited about having lots of fun together and giving back to our community. To date we all seem to be focused on children, nutrition and mindful awareness. Would love to hear about other similar groups already existing out there, or if anyone else is interested in starting such a group. It would be fantastic to see a multitude of small community awareness groups having fun, sharing, learning and growing together. For your comical amusement, this is me doing my best Jethro Bodine impression. This was the left overs after we made Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps, YUM! Pam also had Sashimi Tuna and Chicken Stir Fry with Basmati Rice.
Oh, and of course there was wine.


  1. yum!!! sounds like such fun

  2. This is absolutely wonderful what you ladies are involved in! The community needs, and yes of course the eating too! Sounds yummy and think I'll come to your next one! Mexican food is my fav!

    I memorized The Children's Hour in second grade and have remembered it since! My all time favorite, I'd say. (I tried 'replying' but it wouldn't go thru)

  3. Good friends, good food, good works...doesn't get much better than that -- unless of course, it's bellying up to the big bowl!! lol!!!