Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Did I See?

While working in the pasture this past weekend, I had the sudden urge to just lie in the grass. What I noticed was how heavy 65 pounds feels when it was pouncing and crawling all over me. Our dog T-Bone thought lying on the ground meant we were playing a game, but then T-Bone thinks everything is a game.

I also noticed how ineffective it was to say stop while giggling uncontrollably.

Once he did settle quietly beside me I looked up at the sky. For the first time that day (I'm embarrassed to say) I noticed how completely cloudless the sky was. I also noticed that it was a beautiful shade of deep blue.

After we got up, T-Bone proceeded to instigate a game of Chase Me with the donkey. As I watched them dash about I noticed how exuberant, fast, and utterly happy he always is.

As I walked passed our little pond, I noticed the new buds on the Willow tree. At night I have noticed that the chorus of frogs that live there have begun to sing and call to one another.

As these new signs of spring have joined the Robins and Daffodils, the temperature once again has been dropping below freezing. With this I noticed what a tease February can be.

After I went in for the night, shut away from the chilling temperatures, I noticed how much I appreciate a good hot cup of coffee.

I would like to make this a regular challenge to myself and to anyone else who would care to play along. It will also become part of the Kids Awareness Program, kind of a twist on I Spy. Even though I say, "what do I see", this activity is meant to use all the senses to see what you may notice. I'm a visual person so whether I hear it, taste it, sense it .... I tend to say I see it. In case you are new and curious about this concepts beginning you can see it at my post What Do You See. Now tell me.... what do you see?


  1. I love these kinds of days too. Outside, I am always finding "new" things to observe and truly appreciate, even if I saw it yesterday, it's new today!

  2. What interests me most is your changing position to get a better perspective, or perhaps a "different" perspective is a better way to say it. There are people who walk constantly with their heads down and they see only the ground; there are people who walk with their faces pointing straight ahead and all they see is what is right in front of them. Moving our heads, looking up from a prone position...it changes "how" we do something which can heighten so many other senses. This is a wonderful post Maria...it's back to what you were talking about with mindfulness. Of all the things I've seen today, I noticed that my son's very short hair is growing again and turning curly as it does; I see sunlight splashing on the cupboard beside me and the shadow of the back of my chair..and yesterday I heard a bird for the first time in a very long time...THAT made me hopeful!

    And by the way - your dog is gorgeous!! And don't they have the right idea about life??

  3. I have tried to understand mindfulness from some of the quotes that you have posted, but what you've written here demonstrates it. I get it. Nice job!

  4. Thanks for stopping by to visit Sophie and I today. Your photos are breathtaking!! :) It's amazing what you end up seeing from a dog's point of view! ;) Enjoyed spending some time here today....it's nice to "meet" you! :)

  5. Isn't it great when you slow down and try to take it all in? When spring officially arrives, I think I'll try this exercise with my kids. It will not only be fun, but hopefully inspirational for my writing! Beautiful pictures too!

  6. What a great way to stay present and in the moment. I love that you went with your urge and just laid down on the grass. I think your dog may have been a playful guide to reconnecting to the natural world and all the simple pleasures that abound there. What fun!

    I'm a total visual learner, as well.