Monday, February 2, 2009

Gotta Laugh

Is that your ass or mine?

I wanted to post some landscape photographs, but decided to share a little humor and tell on myself. That is my husband in the background fixing a water line. He is fixing a water line because I broke it Saturday. I was driving the tractor and rode across a water hose and it happened to catch on the tire tread in just the right way to roll up, over, and around the axle. When you play tug of war between a tractor and a faucet the tractor wins. Lucky for me as I was reaching under the tractor and around the axle to unwrap the hose I unknowingly smeared dirt and grease on my face. I had smears on my forehead and what looked like whiskers above my lip. This was lucky because when I walked up to where my husband was surveying the damage (that would be added to his to do list) he could do nothing but laugh.


  1. Cute ponie and mule! Ya really shouldn't fight with water lines though, they create quite a mess! Happy Monday!