Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Communication in the Computer Age

Let's talk

E-mail has so many advantages, you can send a quick note when it is inconvenient to have a long conversation, or an inappropriate time to call; you can send pictures of your new puppy to family that is far away; and at work you can send messages to people that are hard to reach by phone, and hopefully in a short time receive a reply. I'm wondering though if we are forgetting how to have an actual conversation with one another. In one of the houses we are presently building the homeowner chose an unusual and expensive wallpaper that the hanger has not used before. The hanger promptly e-mailed the company, but is at a standstill because they have not e-mailed her back. Upon hearing this today, I went to the website and saw a toll free number written in large type above the smaller typed e-mail address. When I called the number I got an immediate answer from an actual real live person. He was very helpful and informative and the hanger is probably still sitting by the computer waiting for a return e-mail.


  1. Isn't that the truth! I try to call my family and friends and even drop a handwritten note, as technology may be great, it does not replace the quality of humans interacting with each other in "real time".
    Maybe future generations will just be robots....

  2. Hey! Is that your Rebel?? He's a very cute guy - just look at those adorable spotted lips.
    And yes, you bring up a very good point. Even texting seems to be replacing the phones - I don't even know how to send a text and I don't have any desire to learn. Some people, especially younger people do seem to lack a certain pinache' when it comes to speaking eloquently in person. Are we losing this very beautiful form of communication - speaking face to face and reading all those lovely facial expressions? I pray not!!
    Delicious food for thought!

  3. E-mail is indeed a wonderful tool, however, it is also very insulating and serves to keep the world at arms length. In addition to a good book, I love good dialogue. A lively conversation is one of my most enjoyable pursuits.