Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Color For All Seasons

Looking at sites from other areas, with their barren trees and landscapes glistening from the suns reflection off the snow, brings stark realization to how oddly green we are here. Of course I have known that our area is engulfed in evergreens, but the contrast has become weirdly evident as I see pictures from other locales. There have been mornings this winter that I walked out to a frozen pond yet everywhere else I look I see green, even down to the winter rye growing somewhat in the pastures.

We have such a variety of green as well. There are Southern Pines, Cedars, Bay Trees, Live Oaks and more. Spring, summer, fall or winter, every direction you look it's green, green, green.

Speaking of seasons, I saw a pair of Bluebirds yesterday, surely that's a sign that spring is almost here. It has been fantastic here this weekend, please don't go back to freezing.

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