Monday, January 19, 2009

The Majestic Live Oak

The majestic Live Oak, a standard backdrop in many southern tales such as Gone With the Wind. They are sturdy and strong trees, the hardest of hardwoods, used for such things as ship building. They stand through the trials of nature, from biting frost and hot humid summers to the destructive winds of hurricanes. They get the name Live Oak due to the fact, unlike other oaks, they are evergreens. They do shed leaves in spring, but are never barren, for the new growth is already in place to fill the void. Live Oaks stand guardian around our property like tribal elders. In one breath they impart the wisdom of the ages, in another stir childhood imagination.

Bottom picture is the Angel Oak Tree in Charleston, SC


  1. blogspot keeps eating my comments.

    love the shots of the oak - Charleston is one of my favorite cities.

  2. I love Charleston, always said I'd love to live there, it really ignites the senses. I here the same about Savannah, not been there yet. thanks for stopping by

  3. what a great piece of knowledge, they are so grand and wonderful...thanks beth