Saturday, January 31, 2009


I wanted to say a little about Rebel's mom in order to describe a special trait they share. It is a unique gait we have recently come to know as the Indian Shuffle and that horses that present this trait are known as Walkaloosas. If you are interested in learning more click here. My dad's description is, "it's like sitting in a recliner", to me it looks like they have wheels on their feet and they are literally shuffling them. This trait made Walkaloosas a much sought after horse back when they were used for transportation, but as their usage became primarily for shows it was almost bred into extinction. Points were deducted or a horse could be disqualified if it broke into this gait while in the show ring. Thankfully it is now a recognized trait and breeders are once again breeding for it. I wander if any of the other horses my uncle raised had this trait or if it just genetically appeared in Rebel and his mom.

The above are older pictures of my dad on Pride and my daughters on Pride and their other horse Noel.


  1. I've never heard the term before? Is it similar to a Tennesee Walker?

  2. You can learn the history in the link I have there, but basically it's a trait that appeared when the Nez Pierce Indians were breeding from a selection of horses and ended up with the Appaloosa, Paso Fino is believed to be a part of that bloodline. Now you can breed with Walking Horses to get a Walkaloosa, I believe they just have to have the shuffle gait and colored pattern or mottled skin of the App.

  3. a cross of Walkers and Appaloosas?

    beautiful horses.