Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Day

What a difference a day makes, feeling more like myself, releasing my obsessive thoughts and moving forward. I have realized some of the benefits of blogging. It is a place to find release, inspiration, and friendship. I may still zig zag my way through topics, but such is my life. Working now on my post to introduce my Appaloosa and tonights sunset was amazing, was able to capture it from two different bridges, choosing the best one to post will be a tough decision.

"The beauty and mystery of this life is not in arriving at answers, but in the process of seeking."

Susan Sarandon


  1. Ah the difference one day, or one smile even, can make. Its truely amazing isn't it?

    Thank you for checking out my blog! I am looking forward to catching up on yours, and following your excursions!

  2. I like this photo.

    What does "introducing the Apaloosa" entail? I am so curious!!!

    Glad to hear you are feeling centered and well.

  3. I thought I was following your blog...but it hasn't been coming up in my feeds. Sorry I'm behind.

    beautiful shot and I'm glad you're feeling refreshed.