Monday, January 26, 2009

Nature's Paintings

The days are gradually inching their way longer. I always dread when the time changes and the days shorten. In these winter months the sun has started setting by the time I leave work and it is dark shortly after arriving home. This leaves me doing many barnyard chores by the glow of a few solitary lights. I so yearn for the long days of summer when I can come home and there is still time to stay out and play. A time when more can be done on weekday evenings to lighten the weekend load and I am not relegated to shut myself away so early. But there is a bright spot in the winter darkness as there is beauty to be found in any season. During these shortened days the light around the coast is somehow more serene, the air crisp and fresh. It seems to cradle the soul and create a dreamlike state of mind. My drive to and from work involves crossing four bridges over three different bodies of water. As the sun is setting on my way home, I can forget for that time about the darkness that awaits me, for it is as if I am driving through a painting.


  1. Do you live on a farm? I have always dreamed about that kind of lifestyle, but I don't think I am truly cut out for the amount of work involved. I think you mentioned that you have horses I would love to have horses! Can we see more pictures of your farm (and animals)?

    Anyhow, this is a very nice post, thoughtfully written. Beautiful sunset.