Friday, February 6, 2009

What Did I See?

I thought I would list a few things I noticed this week.

I noticed how woolly my little donkey has become, then I noticed the biting, bitter, cold wind (time to go inside).

I noticed the pretty shade of blue in my husband's eyes; as for the rest of his face, it's presently hidden behind whiskers, but I will strive to notice when he shaves it this spring.

I noticed the enthusiasm in my daughter's voice as she updated me on her life, then I noticed that I should be as passionate, well, maybe almost.

As I lay on the floor with my dog Angel, my big teddy bear, I noticed how soft and snugly she is, then I noticed how dirty the baseboards are and there's a tennis ball under the couch.
So how about you?


  1. beautiful noticing - so much that the little small details undone are not as important.

  2. I noticed that I felt strangely happy when my computer crashed. I noticed that my legs feel restless and too soft. I noticed that my husband has such an easy and pleasant disposition.

    Thanks for asking, you are teaching mindfulness! I love the photos of your little friends too.

  3. lol...great demonstration of mindfulness. Love the reference to tapping into our child-like enthusiasm and the dirty baseboards. For me, it's dust bunnies.

    Thanks for stopping by my place for a visit and for leaving such a lovely note. You're welcome any time.

  4. Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments-they brightened my day. If I had a dog like yours I would be snuggling bigtime too! and I have always secretly wished for a miniature donkey (or any donkey, really)! T

  5. I loved this post! :-) The older I get, the more clearly I see things around me.

    I used to have horses when I was younger. My first husband was a farrier and I helped hold the horses. It's great that yours enjoy their pedicure. Many of them don't. :-) I really hadn't noticed the hoof prints being heart shaped. :-)