Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1st Person 3rd Person

When I began playing with fictional writing recently I started by writing in third person. As the story began to turn semi autobiographical I found myself at times slipping into first person. I had to decide one way or the other from which viewpoint the story would be told. I thought about which each meant: 3rd person - an observer, 1st person - living the moment. As this went through my mind it brought up the question, from which viewpoint was my real life story being told?


  1. This is a very interesting question and a bit of a dilemma as well. To live from the point of view of the observer you are being totally conscious and aware and yet you also want to live from the first person so you are sure to fully enjoy the moment in this body as well.
    I will defiantly think on this more. Thank you.

  2. i usually like 1st person better...but that's just me

  3. I heard, second hand source, that we achieve more meaning by first person. Life is not a novel.