Sunday, January 24, 2010


A knowledge of the path cannot be substituted for putting one foot in front of the other."
M.C. Richards

There are two thoughts along these lines that battle for supremacy in my head:

"Look before you leap"

"Leap and build your wings on the way down"

Whenever I am planning a project or setting a life goal I tend to want to know absolutely everything before I begin. I want to read the books, shadow someone, ask every one's opinion, weigh the options and the pros and cons, think of all the ways it could fail and have a back up plan ..... Yet with all this I can still feel unprepared to achieve the goal and that usually leads to never beginning. At the same time I also believe most skills and knowledge are acquired best by doing, getting your hands dirty, making mistakes and picking yourself up and starting again. I am constantly in a debate against myself between the one side shouting acquire the knowledge and skills first and the other pushing and saying just get in there and do it. I know there is a balance that lies somewhere in between and that each situation is unique as to how it should be approached but the battle rages on as to which side gives and when.


  1. jump in!!:) Actually, I am a planner too, so I understand. I wonder what you are referring to here? Sounds interesting!

  2. too often i have deadlines that preclude me from overplanning - or even adequate planning - so I leap with the though of building wings as i go.

    soundtrack: defying gravity (from wicked)

  3. I think the beauty lies here, that when you are centered and in tune with your spirit neither aspect is in the lead. It is kind of a Knowing that precludes all action and you just seem to flow into the moment as it unfolds and you KNOW. That is the beauty of living the authentic life. We all have those moments but it would be nice if they were all the time.

    That said - - - I really like "Leap and build your wings on the way down". That is beautiful.
    (we could totally meet, you know ;) )