Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blank Page

One night earlier this week as I was dreaming I saw before me a notebook. I watched as it opened to reveal a crisp, clean, fresh blank page. It radiated warmth, beauty and a sense of importance, yet it was only a blank piece of paper. My initial feeling was puzzlement which then turned to slight disappointment. Why was there no story, life directions, or words of inspiration to motivate and guide me? I continued to stare at the page and then a smile began to spread across my face. The realization that this was for me to write on was making it's way into my thoughts. This was my page and I could write ANYTHING I wanted. This was my place to write my story with no limitations. It was no longer a blank page but a page full of promise and possibilities.


  1. love love love love this analogy

  2. Isn't that wonderful! what a great piece of inspiration.

  3. Looks like those pages are waiting for a record of your journey.


  4. now THAT is an empowering dream. There is so much truth in that. Now let it guide you!!