Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We are all unique and individual but at the same time connected and interdependent on each other and the planet as a whole. This dependence is illustrated within our own bodies. Our bodies are made up of many parts and each of these parts are separate entities that handle different task, yet each one part, down to the smallest cellular level, is dependent on the health and functioning of the others. It is much the same with our planet, we are like separate little cells living and working together on this one big rock, and just as the parts of our bodies are interconnected so are we connected to each other and our environment. We need to be aware of how our actions directly impact our lives and the lives of future generations. In doing so, we can learn to use but not abuse our resources and to respect one another. This planet, and all that's on it, is one big living breathing organism. Just as each of us would not consciously damage any part of our body, we should have the same awareness of our fellow humans, animals, plants, down to the smallest microorganism. We need to understand that everyones' well being is dependent on (interconnected with) the well being of others.

Kids Awareness Program will teach children a respect for their world and everything in it and what they can do to protect it. There will be environmental walks and lessons on the roles that different elements play in our lives and in keeping the planet healthy. An awareness will be given on the importance to get out in nature and stay in tune to their surroundings.

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