Monday, October 6, 2008

A Matter of Perspective

While at the beach on a warm July afternoon, I was standing in the surf watching the scene play out before me on the beach. It was a beautiful warm sunny day and there was really no where else anyone should be but in water somewhere, so it seemed most everyone had come to the beach. As I was looking and seeing hardly a spot of sand not occupied I thought it sure is crowded here today. As quick as that thought passed through my mind I turned back to the horizon and looking out across the vast blue sea, all I saw was water and sky, not a sole, and then I thought no it's not (crowded that is), it's just a matter of perspective. Perspective can be a view or vista or also a viewpoint. Your perspective or opinion about things is based on how you view the world around you. How anyone views things is based on a multitude of different factors, from genetics, birth order, age of parents, environment, culture, exposure to religious beliefs, events that happen and on and on. With all the infinite possible combinations that go into making who we are and shaping our perceptions how can we possibly be so confounded by the fact that everyone does not share our every opinion, lifestyle, reactions etc. In order to find harmony in our lives, whether it be with co-workers, family, or friends, we need to come to an awareness that we are not the same and we cannot possibly judge another when we cannot see from their perspective, it's hard enough understanding our own selves. Look first at yourself and try to learn the reasons for your own reactions to others. You cannot change others, you can change your reactions and if necessary your environment but we all need to learn to respect others for who they are not what we want them to be.

Kids Awareness Program will help children identify with the differences in all of us and that it is ok, even good to be that way and help them learn to respond rather than react in situations. It will also help them learn to be secure with themselves where ever they may go in life, to have that safe haven within themselves always.

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