Monday, October 13, 2008

Where Are My Keys?

Tired of losing things, late for work because you can't find your keys in the morning, try doing things on purpose. We have become a society that is proud of their abilities to multi task but are we really doing any of it well. We drop our keys and other objects mindlessly as we enter the door while we are on the phone or preoccupied with the days events and then think we are losing our minds since we can't remember where we put things. In essence we are losing our mind because we are not using it, but it's not a sign of lost memory capabilities, since we were not really present during the action there is nothing to remember, we never experienced putting our keys down. Just take one thing, such as your keys, and pay attention to them, do not let them leave your hands without stopping all other thoughts and actions, decide where you want them to be and witness yourself putting them there. Do things on purpose, be present. This is never more important than with our interactions with others especially our children. I heard it said of John Travolta, "that you can be at a crowded party full of interesting people and if you are speaking to him he makes you feel like you are the only person in the room and whatever you are saying is so intriguing". Imagine how it feels to be that passionate and focused, to be that attuned and respectful in each moment as it's happening, now, in the present, whatever it may be, and to be living that moment on purpose without judgement.

With Kids Awareness Program, we hope to instill in children the ability to live their lives on purpose, be present in the moment, and not be hampered and stressed do to living mindlessly.

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