Wednesday, October 15, 2008


One of my favorite sayings is "It's not the destination, it's the journey". When at the beach I sometimes imagine the journey the sand and water have traveled and what it has been witness to. We are all on a journey, sometimes alone, sometimes with others or we may just briefly cross paths. At times the path is clear and the footing easy, other times it may seem rocky, treacherous, or we feel like we are wading sluggishly through a bog. Where ever you are on your journey be present for that moment because good or bad there are lessons to be learned, joys to behold, laughter and tears to be shared. Don't get so lost in the past or fixated on a certain destination that you miss all the beauty in the present. Things change along the way just as the currents move the water and sand to other beaches and we need to be present and open to each moment. My friend Rosie uses the analogy of someone wanting to go to California, but along the way they fall in love with Montana. If they had not been enjoying and living each moment of the journey or have been so obsessed with California, they may have missed Montana all together.

With K A P, we hope to teach children there is beauty in each moment just waiting for them to behold, to learn to be present and enjoy the journey and also to be aware and respectful of others on the road.

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