Saturday, October 25, 2008

Letting Go - Attachment to Outcome

Letting go will always be a work in progress for me, especially letting go of attachment to outcome. We get a vision or an idea and lock it in, sometimes it may seem too grand and we get overwhelmed or things aren't playing out the way we planned and we get frustrated. A great example of this is a wedding, so much planning, so many details, so much dreaming and it's almost a tradition for something unforeseen to happen. When my daughter recently got married the most important thing I wanted her to keep in mind was that no matter what happens, just breathe, or better yet laugh, do not let anything upset you. When you look back you will see how minor it was and you will have regrets if you let it ruin your enjoyment of your day. While we do need to set goals and make plans for our life or certain events, once it is set in motion we need to release attachment to the outcome, it may not all go as we originally envisioned, a lot of times it actually ends up better.

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