Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finding Center

My favorite playground equipment when I was younger was the merry-go-round. I loved spinning around on it, but it seemed more time was spent running beside it to get it going than riding it. Where you sat changed how fast the ride felt, if you were on the outside edge the world seemed to be zooming by in a big blur, but move to the center and the ride became much calmer. Life can feel like sitting on the edge, teetering on falling off as things spin faster and faster out of control with no vision of where you are or what lies ahead and you feel you are aimlessly burning up energy running in circles to keep it all going. The spinning can be fun for a while but after some time you can get "sick" of it and burn out in an attempt to keep it going. Mindful Awareness is like moving over to the center of the ride, there your vision is clearer, you won't become dizzy and you'll be safe from falling.

Through learning mindful techniques, children will be equipped with the ability to always find their center when the world starts spinning around them.

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